Activated Carbon Wood based


CAS No: 7440-44-0

Technical Deta Sheet

Wood Powdered Activated Carbon Wood Based Granular Activated Carbon
Main Indices Activated Carbon activated by ZnC1 Activated Carbon activated by H3PO4 Specification A type B type
Iodine Adsorption Value(mg/g) >1000 >900 Molasses adsorption rate % >80% /
Methylene Blue Adsorption(mg/g) >120 >120 Methylene blue adsorption rate ml/g / >110
Caramel Decolourization(mg/g) >100 >90 Quinine sulfate adsorption rate ml/g / >120
      Particle size(0.5-2.0mm) >80% >80%

Main Application : used for decolorizing and purifying reagents, medicines, chemical raw materials, wines and drinks.

Packing: 500kgs /bag or 1000Kgs/ Jumbo bag.

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