Bakelite Powder (Phenolic Moulding Compound)


CAS No.: 9003-35-4

Color: Black/Red/ Brown

Appearance: Powder /Granular

Grade (as per molding method): Compression grade, injection grade

Grade: PF2A1-131, PF2A2-131, PF2A2-141, PF2A2-151, PF2A2-161

Technical Data Sheet

Volume Coefficient ≤3.0
Relative Density ≤1.45
Flexural Strength,Mpa ≥70
Impact Strength(without gap)KJ/m2 ≥6.0
Impact Strength (gap),KJ/m2 ≥1.5
Thermal Deflection Temperature,℃ ≥140
Water Absorption,mg ≤60
Fluidity, mm 100-160
Shrinkage, % 0.4-1.0

Applications: 1)used to make insulating structures for low voltage electrical appliances.2) to make kitchenware applications, such as handle, bottle-covers.

Packaging: 25kgs net in P. P. Woven bag.

Storage: Stored in dry, clean, ventilated warehouse

We also supply Glass-Filled &Brake Piston type bakelite powder etc.

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