Urea Formaldehyde Moulding Compound (UFMC)


CAS No.: 9011-5-6    

Appearance: Powder

Color:White/Black/ Green or any color as per customer’s request

Grade: Compression Grade & Injection Grade

Technical Data Sheet

Fluidity ,mm 140-200
Volatile ,% ≤ 4.0
Flexural Strength,MPa ≥80
Impact Strength (gap),KJ/m2 ≥2.1
Thermal Deflection Temperature,℃ ≥115
Water Absorption,mg ≤100
Shrinkage, % 0.6-1.0


Main Applications:

1.Spares of electrical appliance spares: switch, sockets.

2.Machinery spares: knob, handle, spinning machine components, instrument shell, clock shells.

3.Ornaments: Imitation pearls, buttons and pins.

4.Vessel: Various kinds of commercial used bottles, boxes and covers.

5.Others: toys, Mahjong cards, chess, ashtrays, balls, and toilet cover seats.

Packaging: 25kgs net in P. P. Woven bag.

Storage: Stored in dry, clean, ventilated warehouse.

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