PAM/Polyacriylamide Nonionic

CAS No.: 9003-05-8

Technical Data Sheet:

Polyacriylamide Nonionic
Molecular weight 3-5 million 6-8 million 9-12 million
Solid content 90% min 90% min 90% min
Free monomer 0.025% max 0.025% max 0.025% max
Dissolving time 1.5h max 1.5h max 1.5h max
Water Insolubles 0.3% max 0.3% max 0.3% max
Size 20-10mesh 20-10mesh 20-10mesh

Main Application:It is mainly used for sewage treatment ,agent ,textile industrial , Sand control and sand-fixation.

Packing: 25kg woven bag lined with plastic or paper plastic composite bag.

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